Monday, April 2, 2007

Treasure Hunt

So here we have the fruits of the day spent with my mom at Texas' largest flea market in Canton. They say it's the largest in the USA, although I don't know if that's true! It is four days long, and we've never been able to see everything when we've gone for just one day - it really is huge!

I am pleased to say I went prepared, with a cart, good walking shoes, cash in the form of small bills, a list & my lunch. However, I forgot sunscreen, and ended up with a painful burn on my neck. Note to self: sunburn returns with spring!

I managed to get about half of what was on my list - I am quite pleased with this as well :) I have some work to do on some of these pieces, but I managed to get some great bargains & a great sense of satisfaction that comes with finding a treasure.

Here's what I came home with:
1. New end table, with second shelf to slide my laptop into
2. Pretty green lamp, to sit on said table
3. Wrought iron piece for my kitchen, that made me smile as it looks like the sun
4. Red metal stool - too cute!
5. Chandelier to replace my current brassy one - needs rewiring & paint
6. One of my favorite vintage linens - a Wilendur Red Rose cloth
7. Some excellent vintage doilies
8. A pair of embroidered pillowcases
9. A turquoise & silver brooch
10. A sparkly green glass knob for a curio that I already have (which also needs paint)
11. A wrought iron cross


Lizzie said...

Oh Rebekah I'm so jealous! I have been telling my Mom that we need to go to Canton soon! The problem is that we end up looking in the pavilions and not venturing out enough. I really want to get out in the junk and hunt for treasure lol. I remember going as a kid and seeing huge jars full of buttons. Oh what I would give for those jars now lol

You got some great finds! I love that table cloth! That would look fabulous as a little vintage dress ooh and you can have the model sit on that adorable stool for the photos!

I love the new blog!

Amelia said...

I'm buring green with envy!