Friday, August 10, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Patterns #2

Patterns From My History

This Bates bedspread belonged to my mother's mother's mother.

Having gone through the Depression, people of her generation subscribed to one of two philosophies:

1. You are blessed to have nice things, so use them and enjoy them every day

2. Nice things are precious & easily lost, so put them away to use another day

Great-Grandmother Sabean fell into the latter mindset.

When I received this vintage crewel bedspread after her passing a few years ago, I was in awe to discover that, despite the original box's beaten up appearance, the spread itself was in pristine condition. Not a fringe was distorted. This didn't surprise me, however. Great-Grandma must have loved it, to have kept it put away & in such excellent shape.

Isn't it lovely? The top is just as beautiful as the sides, with an ornate circular folkish floral pattern. I made up my mind to enjoy this thing of beauty, and the memory of my mother's family's journey, at the same time - I use this spread on my bed and even though it's not in the same perfect condition anymore, I still smile when I look at it after making my bed in the morning.

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Valaine said...

You are blessed :) This is beautiful!

mia said...

What a lovely shot! So homelike.

platinum blonde said...

i love this perspective!!!

Mrs. R said...

I love that story. I am sure your great grandmother would be delighted knowing that she took care of it all those years for a reason.