Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Lady Luncheon

Daddy took big-sis Nicole ice skating today... upon the news of their impending departure, Claire turned her big brown eyes on me and mournfully asked what she was going to do? (Claire had a miserable time at her last attempt at ice skating, so we thought it best for her to stay home with her slightly-less-coordinated self.)

Thinking fast, I suggested a tea party lunch, just for two, and she thought that would be grand. We donned plastic jewelry & dress up clothes, ate off of my china, and were joined by some plastic ponies on the table.

When asked what she was doing here, I was educated that "Barbie says in the Princess and the Pauper movie that real princesses keep their pinkie finger up when you hold a cup."

Indeed, we had a most delightful time :)

1 comment:

hollibobolli said...

She is a true princess for sure. I love the pinkie finger thing - precious!!!