Sunday, September 23, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Bathrooms 4

Every time I get use my shower, I feel like I'm on vacation. Even though we've had it for 3 years, that feeling has never gone away.

This can probably be best explained by the fact that this same bathroom used to have a prefab shower with a clear glass enclosure and an attached tub. Hard water took it's toll, recaulking never got rid of the mold, and holes in the poorly-installed grout allowed moisture into our walls creating mold there as well. I shuddered every time I got into it, feeling like the worst housekeeper in the world from the horror of it's condition. It had to go.

I never used the tub (used to be the left in the picture below), and now it's replaced by floor space with a laundry hamper & a decorative cabinet for towels & sheets. Some gasped when I said I was having it removed, "Why don't you use it to treat yourself sometimes?" Since I stopped taking baths as a child, I've grown a distaste for sitting in a pool of water that goes from hot to tepid too fast & contains the dirt & sweat I just washed off. Plus, my book gets wet when I accidently put my other hand in the water (presumably to relax) and then pull it out to turn the page, and my glasses get steamed up & spotted. Not to mention, I just don't find standard tubs comfortable at all!

If I want to relax, I'll go lay on my soft sofa or bed.

Or I'll spend some time in my custom-built shower,
where the day washes down the drain, and I can use the massage setting on my handheld shower head.
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nicole said...

looks beautiful. and i'm with you - i don't often take baths for the same reasons you mentioned. but, this shower i'm sure i could enjoy!

adriene crimson said...

lucky you! what a beautiful shower - tho, I can't agree with the no soaking in the tub thing. I don't bother reading when I'm in the tub, I just sit there and close my eyes - I've been known to actually fall asleep in the tub. I usually wake up with a start and then get out. Anywho, your shower is amazing and so is this photo!

hollibobolli said...

You do know I'm jealous... don't you? Your foot looks like a ballerina's foot.

Georgia said...

Oh wow! That is SUCH a step up from our Spongebob shower... It looks lovely!


Amelia said...

How serene! Gorgeous picture and imagery.