Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Charlotte, not Emily

I was checking PBS on Sunday night, because they are getting ready to start airing 6 all-new Jane Austen films, one every Sunday for six weeks, but found it doesn't start until next Sunday. I was dismayed only a short while, for instead I found I had stumbled upon the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre ... oh my!

I must admit I had never read Jane Eyre, although now I certainly want to (note to self: check it out on the next library trip with the kids!). I went through a period as a teenager where I read quite a few classic literary works, and this included Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte... I did not like it much, it was somewhat darker and sadder than I had tolerance for at the time. I never picked up Jane Eyre - I suppose it didn't occur to me that two different people had written these two books, sisters, yes, but two different people?

In any case, I am now a converted Charlotte Bronte fan after seeing this movie on Sunday. It was tragic, joyful, powerful, and ends so beautifully! I was moved by Jane's kind heart - she did not sit around mourning pathetically regarding her circumstances or make foolish decisions based on the wrongs done to her, but instead she was determined to better her small corner of the world because her experiences had made her strong.

Another interesting point: Chad wandered in unknowingly, and sat down just because he was tired & wanted to put his feet up. To my amazement, he stayed. For the whole movie. Granted, he fiddled on his laptop a bit, but I caught him watching it with interest, as well as interjecting with "Wait, is he blind??" and other such comments. He'd probably never admit that he watched it to someone, though.

And oh the joy when I found they have the DVD in the PBS store! And after watching the preview for the upcoming Jane Austen films, I am already hoping they will have all six in one DVD set as well...

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Paula said...

I love Jane Eyre. Probably my favorite classic. I caught the second half on Masterpiece Theatre the other night for the same reason that you did, looking for the Austen movies. I'm going to have to buy that DVD also. It was so good!