Saturday, February 2, 2008

Eight Years Ago...

...I was in a hospital room recovering from an unexpected c-section, holding a newborn we had named Nicole. I am amazed that the tiny, squished, red & wrinkled bundle that came squalling into our lives that day has grown to be this girl before us.

We had a fun birthday today, including pizza, chocolate cake with sprinkles, and presents!

She is a joy, full of humor and laughter.

She is a delight, always finding something interesting in the world around her.

She is adventurous, taking off after things that intrigue her.

She is kind and generous, and she has a tender heart.

And most of all, she is not really mine. Chad and I are just stewards of this precious gift, until she is old enough to go out into the world and live for her true Father, God who blessed us with these eight years so far.

Happy birthday, big girl. I love you :*)

1 comment:

Jen said...

True, they aren't ours, but we're all theirs. ;)

Happy birthday, Nicole!