Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vision Realized

Sometime last summer, I bought the Newsboys "Go" cd. I put it in my van cd player, and was listening to some new tunes as I ran about town doing the usual mom stuff. And then I heard the next to last song - "The Letter" - and I was captivated.

You see, just the day before, I had read this Bible verse to them:

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God... in which you shine like stars in the universe... (Philippians 2:14&15)

Of course, I was emphasizing the part about doing things without complaining or arguing (ahem)... but the part they were enamored by was that they were stars in God's universe. It hit me during that talk that they were each, indeed, a precious star placed just where God wanted them. That conversation ended with a fresh revelation of how precious these kids are to me.

And then I heard this song the next day. God's timing is incredible. I played it again, turning it up so the girls could hear the words, and I told them, "This is your song!" We almost wore that track out on the cd, they asked to listen to it a lot, and I loved to play it when they were cranky in the car, because it always soothed their nerves (and mine!)

Then one day, I realized I wanted them to see these words every day, and remember who they are. I could not figure out how, until one day I began picturing in my mind a painting with those words. It was beautiful, and fit exactly with my feelings about the song. Only one problem: Painting is not one of my talents. Trust me. I paint and draw like an elementary schoolkid.

I asked my artistically inclined sister, who can paint quite well, if she would be willing to take on this project. I had a lot of specific requests, due to the picture in my mind, so I was amazed when she enthusiastically agreed!

Today, after a great labor of love on her part for the last few weeks, my sister delivered her amazing rendering of my requests. It is exactly how I pictured it. She even used glow-in-the-dark paint to create stars and swirls that can be seen after the lights go out.


Thanks, Anna. You're a star, one of a kind.

Want to hear the inspiring song? Click to play my playlist on the left sidebar, "The Letter" is the first song... here are the words...

"The Letter"

I wrote you a letter
things could be better
full of promises
you've got hopes and dreams
did you get it?
have you read it?
it talks about you and Me
and the future, you see
something no one can do
is take the place of you
can't you see you're one of a kind?

child, you're like a star
set apart
set apart from the start of the world
this is your time
rise and shine
child you're one of a kind

sometimes everything's too much
like the deepest cut
that hurts to be touched
when you hear it
when you feel it
don't let it have it's way
I'm trying to say
something no one can do
is take the place of you
can't you see you're one of a kind?

I know it's hard to hear promises
when the blue has turned grey
nobody said it was easy
but I know you'll find your way


Joanne said...

You and Anna truly bless me, each day. :)

Jenn said...

Wow...what a VERY cool piece of artwork that will remind you every day of the special message!!

take a bow Jenn