Monday, June 16, 2008

decorating tips from a 5 year old

We met my parents & sister at a true Tex-Mex restaurant for Father's Day lunch yesterday. The rustic decor was very much on the Tex side of things - tree halves for ceiling beams, animal heads on the walls, horseshoe prints in the polished cement floors, wagon wheel chandeliers.

So I had to take Claire to the little cowgirls' room... as we walked in and she surveyed the varied decorations on her way to a stall, she says:

C: How come everything here has to be cowboy stuff?

Me: This is a cowboy kind of place, so they decorate this way for fun!

C: It's not fun for me.

Me (surprised, thinking maybe the wild boar head on the wall out in the restaurant had scared her or something): Why not?

C: I don't like it so much.

Me: Why don't you like it?

C: If it were half princess stuff and half cowboy stuff, then I would like it much better.


PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! They really should be putting tiaras on the animal heads in places like that. How little they know...


Erin said...

That is really cute! I agree!

~ANG said...

According to my girls, everything should have a little sparkle and a little pink!