Sunday, June 1, 2008

Expert Diagnosis

Today on the floor, surrounded & propped up by pillows, I am pretending to be the patient, as Claire takes care of me (excellent 5 year old doctor that she is.)

C: (calm, soothing voice) Oh, my dear, you will be alright. I will be right back with something to help you.

Me: (continues to lay still, thankful for a few minutes to actually do nothing under the guise of playing)

C: Here you go, my dear, I have some water for you. Drink this, it is your medicine, you will feel much better.

Me: Thank you so much... sigh! (sipping water)

C: (gently pats me & covers me with a blanket) There, there...

Daddy enters the scene, and seeing my sad state, joins the play...
D: Oh my, what is wrong?

C: She's sick and has a fever, Daddy, but it's ok. I am taking care of her.

D: Oooohhhh... that's good. What's the matter with her?

C: It's bad, she's very, very sick... she has ginger-vitis.