Monday, June 23, 2008

what I'll be watching tonight

I have been hooked on this season of The Bachelorette since the first episode aired back in May! I don't usually watch this type of show, but I did watch the season end of the Bachelor when both DeAnna & his other final girl were let down by Brad, and he went home empty-handed. So I was really excited when I saw DeAnna was the new Bachelorette, she is so honest, sweet, lovely & an all-around nice girl.

The biggest reason I think I like this show is that it is so different watching a house full of men than the usual house full of women on The Bachelor. The men aren't catty, vindictive, nasty, or, dare I say it, high-school-crush-not-really-serious-just-want-a-gorgeous-date like the women often come off as. Men on this show really are serious about finding someone to be committed to.

So tonight is the hometown dates. I'm not sure I want to watch these moms & siblings giving DeAnna a hard time the way the preview suggested. Good grief, lay off, people, just get to know the girl.

I never seem to pick finalists for things like this right. Never. It's embarrassing, really. Maybe I'll get brave & post who I think she'll pick when we're down to the final 2.
So for now, I'll say what I like instead of who I think is going home:

Jason - solid family man, honest, has a wonderful smile, seems quiet & steady
Jeremy - good-looking guy, all along has been focused on DeAnna and has not held back
Graham - I'm actually not fond of Graham, he seems brooding and immature to me (so watch, he'll probably be the one she picks)
Jesse - fun-loving, life is never boring with this guy! and he's got an expressive, serious side, too

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