Friday, July 18, 2008

Movie Friday!

Today I took the girls to see...

We loved it!

Nicole has read the books, and she says it wasn't the same, that some of the things in the movie weren't in the books, and vice versa. But she seemed able to overlook it :) I had read some critic reviews, and I was disappointed that they would be so hard on a movie that has such wholesome messages for kids - much better than a lot of the animated features that come out geared toward children. It may not be as action-packed, or as visually stimulating, but both my girls were completely taken in.

Joan Cusack is wonderful - her physical comedy and her facial expressions are priceless!

Julia Ormond is one of my favorite actresses. She is incredibly classy, and her voice and presence are so elegant. Such an amazing choice for Kit's mother.

My eyes teared up within the first few minutes of the movie - I was surprised at how much the storyline depicted human interest, particularly the situations many people found themselves in during the Depression. It is good for kids to see that part of life, and I hope they are as inspired as I am by the resourcefulness and courage people found to deal with those situations.

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Swiffy said...

Thank you so much! I was soo nervous I almost didn't post the picture, but I really wanted to participate so I just had to go for it. Thank you for the encouragement! Look forward to future posts!!
:) Steph