Tuesday, August 12, 2008

untimely demise

It is with great sadness we gather together today, to bid farewell to two faithful and true friends. At times like these, we often ask ourselves "Why? Why did this have to happen??" Tragedy such as this catches us completely by surprise, and leaves us questioning what we did wrong. But we cannot blame ourselves - some things happen in ways that we cannot control. So do not lose heart, do not scream at your sewing machine. Say your goodbyes, and then move on. That is what these friends would have wanted.

Rest in peace.


~ANG said...

Hehehe! You're funny, but not alone. I did the same thing on Sunday afternoon! Well, mine didn't break all the way, they both just bent terribly. Thank goodness my mom had given me a pack of new needles for my machine...she knew it would happen. Moms just know things.

rubberbandgrl said...

This is so funny.
I suppose I am naive and don't sew, but I thought somehow the needles never hit the pins...