Friday, September 12, 2008

Fingerprint Friday - { mesquite needles }

With two mesquite trees outside our apartment windows, I have grown quite an appreciation for their beauty and qualities that are quite well-suited to our climate.

It's no wonder God put these trees here in the semi-dry plains - the tiny needles and deep roots allow the tree to grow and thrive despite long spells of no rain.

After looking out our two windows at mesquite for three months, I now hope to plant one of these beauties in our backyard when we move into Our New Place next month.

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God

So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them? Here's how to join in:

1. Blog with your interpretation of God's fingerprints.

2. Be sure to link so others can find the entire list of participants! Go over to PamperingBeki's blog to add your link to the list of participants.


artsyclay said...

Very pretty photo and fascinating trees ... certainly different than the ones here in North Carolina.

sewmelody said...

Even the smallest works of God's creation are wrapped up in mystery and beauty. This branch is simple and still breathtaking!

PamperingBeki said...

My goodness that's stunning! I keep scrolling back up again and again to look at the picture.

I'd frame that for sure. It's so peaceful.