Friday, September 19, 2008

hooray for a driveway!

Aaaaahhh, no more walking through mud or trashpiles to enter the house! We have a driveway and sidewalks...

The master bath - the tub has been finished, faucets and tile are in, just waiting for the shower glass & closet doors.

Underneath the dust, footprints, brown paper and blue tape is a beautiful wood floor! Still waiting on the carpet, though, as you can see to the left of the wood in the photo.

I've been shopping for a few pieces of furniture we'll need in the new house, since the rooms are different and my tastes have changed over the years. One of the things I've been looking for is a headboard for my queen size bed, which is not a commonly found size when you're shopping vintage. Full size beds are close, but not quite, which I learned the hard way with a headboard I'd fallen in love with but ended up not being wide enough. To play it safe with my shopping from then on, I measured the width I'd need (60").

I'm so glad I did, because when we went to a new antique mall last weekend, I found an architectural salvage piece that came from a local church window, 63" wide! To make it better, Chad asked if the dealer would go down on the price at all, which got us 10% off (yay for saving a little money and yayX2 for my bargaining husband!)


Nic said...

oh, your house is so pretty! what a fun time this must be to fill it up with lovely things. :) and hooray for driveways (they are quite useful, aren't they?).

Jenn said...

Won't that be amazing!! Can't wait to see pictures of the whole bed together!

What a fun journey for your family!

take a bow Jenn

Joanne said...

OH, that's wonderful!