Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There is a distinct line in my life that was drawn the first time I heard a song from Amy Grant. After that time, I was inexplicably drawn to her music, her voice, her lyrics. I even had a perm during my grade school years because I wanted to look like Amy. But it was more than a kid's fascination with someone famous - I was never able to explain why, really, but I loved Amy and her beautiful music.

And I still do.

That's why, when I saw this book on the "New" shelf at our library, I snatched it up.

Mosaic - Pieces of My Life So Far

Reading this book was something like being invited in to sit with Amy while she talked about her life with me. What an honor, especially when I realized what a down-to-earth, real person she is, just like the rest of us. I was constantly touched by her honesty, the depth of her revelations, and her sweet, humble heart. I was brought to tears many times, both in empathetic sadness, and in laughter. This is one book I read in bits and pieces, savoring the bits of wisdom and beauty that came from each story.

This book is filled with short stories and memories from her life, sometimes followed by one of her songs or poems that she wrote during or about the time she references in that story. I know many of Amy's songs by heart, and have my own memories associated with them, so to read her memories that go with the same songs is surreal. I found it intriguing that she wrote as a memory came, not necessarily in chronological order - this gave the book even more of a personal feel.

Now more than ever, I hope to one day see Amy perform in person (I never have, despite wishing I could after I heard her singing on the radio that first time when I was 7 years old.) I know one day I will for certain, when we're seated at Jesus' feet for a time of old-fashioned hymns while she strums her guitar.

"If I do not have a unique stage persona that differs from the me who shows up at the grocery store, it's because I've never felt any demarcation between life and art, faith and day-to-day living."

-- Amy Grant, Mosaic, Pieces of My Life So Far

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~ANG said...

After reading your thoughts about Amy Grant's book I was compelled to look for it at my library. It was check out already. Then I thought I should look on the books on CD shelf. To my surprise it was there! I have been listening to it...I'm on chapter 30...it's read entirely by Amy. So, if you loved the book, you should hear her reading it...it's great!