Sunday, November 2, 2008

resolved, moving on

The hole was repaired on Tuesday! I put a bowl of baking soda & vinegar in the linen closet for a few days to try to help with the last bit of cleaner smell that seems to be lingering. Finally on Friday, I decided the cleaner smell wouldn't hurt the towels or blankets, so I finally organized them in the closet. Then I moved everything else into the bathroom, and the girls used their new shower for the first time! But that bowl is still there, I'm hoping for some final odor-eating there I guess.

I'm just relieved things are resolved. I had prepared myself for the wall to be excavated & rebuilt, if the odor had somehow permeated the wood & sheetrock permanently. Not to worry, though, as we seem to be in the clear.

I received this beautiful print from
Le Papier Studio, which I ordered because of the resemblance to my girls. I matted & framed it, and hung in the newly appointed bathroom!

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vana chupp said...

thanks rebekah. I love how the print looks on this frame.

~ANG said...

Beautiful print! I'm glad you can enjoy the new bathroom now. What a way to start off in a new house!!

momy4him said...

i just had to know what the source of the smell was! a skunk!! oh good heavens! a dead one at that!
i am soooo glad you resolved that one!!!

rubberbandgirl said...

Lovely print.
I'm glad the skunk nightmare has been resolved. Aak!