Monday, December 29, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge - Slow { mobius }

slow is a perspective

when I was pregnant, it seemed the due date came so slowly...
now it seems like it went by so fast

when I get off a highway going 75mph and have to slow down to 35mph,
it feels so slow... but it a school zone, it's too fast

when I hand craft a scarf for a gift or for myself, it is a slower process
than the speedy "pick something up at the store"...
yet it is worth the result..

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I was inspired to make myself this mobius scarf yesterday after creating this
Treasury over on etsy... click here to see it for the next 2 days...

Technically, it's not a true mobius, because it's created as a rectangle and then sewn together, end to end, with a half-twist added before sewing - you could call it a faux-bius.

It was extremely easy to make, so if you crochet and are feeling inspired yourself (or perhaps just cold and bored!) here are my directions for crocheting it.


Crochet Mobius Scarf

Use a chunky, boucle' texture yarn, such as
this one, and a size K (10 1/2) crochet hook

When crocheting each row, catch only the front half of the "v" of the stitch you are about to crochet into. This technique, when repeated across each row, creates a subtle ribbed effect throughout the piece, giving a bit of stretch and texture.

Chain 18, turn

Double crochet (DC) in the 4th chain from hook, DC in each of the remaining chains across (15 DC total), chain 2 and turn

DC in each stitch across (15 DC total) catching only the front half of the "v" as described above, chain 2 and turn
(repeat this step until the scarf is as long as you would like it to be - mine pictured above is 35 rows total)

Cut an 18" long tail, knot off the final stitch loop.

Lay the scarf ends together, then flip one end to add a half-twist to the scarf, with the ends meeting together again after twisting. Sew the two ends together, knot off, then weave the tail in before cutting off the excess.

If you have any questions about following these directions, feel free to leave a comment with your email & I'll do my best to help you out!


Joanne said...

Sounds like a great pattern and just in time for more cold weather in TX.

nic said...

sweet scarf, and what a poignant perspective on the theme. well done.