Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yes, my whole family is creative

Sunday night was the annual family Christmas party for the homeschool group we belong to. One of their fun activities every year is the family gingerbread house contest.

Each family gets exactly the same supplies: one box of graham crackers, a prepared bag of candy, one tub of vanilla frosting, and one knife. We get 20 minutes to make whatever design we can come up with. The judges don't know who made what, because all the houses are assigned numbers. It's so great to see how each house is a reflection of each different family unit's creativity.

Last year, we won 2nd place, edged out by a family that actually made a Nativity scene (entirely from graham crackers and candy! even we had to admit it was very creative) So this year, my kids got out of the van saying, "I hope we win 1st place this year!" and Chad said, "What's the game plan?" while I said, "It's most important that we have fun together."

OK, so I did have a little plan. To catch the judges' attention, we had to do something different. Instead of one big house, we did tiny houses - one red, one green, and one of other varied colors - and a cobblestone path from each to meet in the middle.

There were a lot of creative entries, including one family that made a steamboat! I was blown away by what people can make with graham crackers and candy, and knew there were a lot of deserving entries for winning.

Imagine my surprise, truly, shock, when they announced we had won the 1st place prize. The reward (besides having had a good time, and coming in first!) is a $40 gift card to a local outdoor shopping area, which we are sure to use for a meal out for the whole family.

To all those other contestants, I have to say - well done! You were all just as worthy to win. And next year? Bring it on!

(note: this photo is the morning after - some things have slipped and slid from transport and the soft icing)


Tamara said...

What a fun family event! Their houses are too cute.

Joanne said...

I love your houses! Great Job and Congratulations!

PiaTillys Boutique said...

Woohoo, congratulations on the win ~ it was well deserving (it turned out adorable)! That sounds like a lot fun! :)


Amelia said...

Awe that's lovely!!!