Friday, January 2, 2009

calendar thoughts

Every year on the first or second day of January, I sit down with my new calendar. Using last year's calendar as a guide, I write in the birthdays & anniversaries of friends and family. I transfer over upcoming appointments and other important dates.

I am always struck by how quickly last year filled up and then flew by. And even more amazed at this whole new year that has yet to be lived. The new calendar will fill up, eventually looking like last year's. Places to go, people to see, things to do.

The days to come are little empty boxes, waiting to be filled with something... there will be joy, peace, stress, relief, heartache, fun, disappointment, excitement, surprises...

And at the end, when it's all been filled and all been lived,
I hope to look back again and be able to say that I lived it well.


Anonymous said...

Rebekah, you have such a positive outlook on life it is inspiring! Thank you for being such a sweet person. I live by a calendar!

elizabeth said...

good idea. i have to do that today. i enjoyed reading your blog.

Elizabeth said...

I have been doing that too for years. It's how I keep up with a large extended family and something my mother did. I remember her frequently saying, "if it's not on the kitchen calendar,then I'm not responsible for keeping up with it".

Thanks for visiting my blog today.