Saturday, January 24, 2009

* * snow * *

Yeah, right. Not here. Not now. But a girl can dream, right? We usually get snow once every winter, twice if we're extra special. Now, we do get plenty of days where it's at the freezing mark, and the wind here during the winter is almost unbelievable. Kind of a cruel joke, really - teasing us that it's winter, but rarely giving us the white stuff.

I found
this funny listing on etsy... lvsbeadsnthings is sick of her snow!
If you want a good laugh, go take a look:


Are your kids (or you!) getting cabin fever?

Go try out
Make A Flake! Trust me, Make A Flake kept me and my kids busy for a whole hour!

You "cut" the flake using mouse clicks, and you can preview and then go back to cutting as many times as you want. When you're finished, your flake goes in a gallery for all to see, and you can also save a copy of it on your computer.

Here's one I cut out today:

You should see some of the amazing flakes people cut out! They're all viewable in the Gallery.


Lady V said...

I am glad that you enjoyed my "Tons of Snow" listing Rebekah.
Although beautiful to look at we had record snow during the month of December.... 78" total. It was a bit much for me, but the huskies sure loved it. ;-)

And any time you would like to trade just let me know. Take care and the best to you in the new year!

Erin said...

Thanks for sharing the etsy listing for snow. That made my day. We haven't had that much snow here. But more than enough for me.

Anonymous said...

We never get snow where we live. Just very very cold mornings and evenings. :( Cute flake you guys made!

Amelia said...

COLD!!!!!!! I'm such a huge wuss that I got goosebumps looking at your picture. LOL Amazing shot though, you captured it beautifull!

Rebekah said...

Amelia, that's not my picture, lol - that's the picture from the etsy listing :) I live in NE TX, we never see snow like that!