Monday, February 23, 2009

it's a no brainer

**Update** - HUGE thanks to all who voted! I tied for 4th place :)
I belong to a group of crafters that support one another on etsy - TeamEtsyTX - and on the last Monday of each month they have a design challenge. The challenge theme is what is used to base design ideas on... I decided to enter the contest this month because the theme suited me so well.

The theme is "No Brainer Day".

I have so many projects sitting around, either on shelves or in my head, that beg to be done, yet so little time to really get all of them done. These flowers have been sitting around for at least a year, patiently waiting for me to turn them into something. The No Brainer Challenge was an excuse to pull them out and work on them, and I now have the satisfaction of a project completed in less time than my sewing takes.

Toile Blue Peony

Scarlet Rose

So here's the part I need your help with:
If you like one of these flowers, please take just a minute to go vote for it! You don't have to register for anything, enter your email address, promise your firstborn to anyone - nothing like that. Just choose the one you like & click "Vote"! Be sure to vote before Friday (2/27) when the poll closes.

Here's the link -
Go Vote (please!)

Click here if you want to view all the contest entries from TeamEtsyTX.


nic said...

saweet! i've got a million simple projects waiting to be done...but of course i'm reading blogs instead...

Jenn said...

Super pretty! I HEART them both but especially the blue because it is so different (it is so hard to find pretty blue flowers!) Way to go checking something off your list! Feels good huh??

take a bow Jenn