Wednesday, February 18, 2009


my girls & I have been discussing these things today...

If Danny is a nickname for Daniel, what is Denny a nickname for?

How do you read the fraction 5/21 out loud? Five-twenty-firsts?
Does that sound as weird to you as it does to me?

Why do jeans curl up at the hems when you wash and dry them?


After reading this hilarious post (and this one, too), I decided to check out some of the google searches that have led people to my blog. I was met with plenty of things to consider:

free vintage farm labels to put on blogspot
Yikes, I have no clue where to find those... do you own a vintage farm? work on one? wish you did? just curious.

hoops & yoyo costume for kids
Sorry, while I can sew up a storm, I don't do costumes... have you seen the things I sew? Because I don't think I'm even in the top 10 most-likely-to-be-able-to for making something that looks like Hoops or Yoyo...

self portrait in a shoe
I haven't tried that one yet! Maybe if SPC does a Nursery Rhyme challenge, I'll give that a try...

sunnybrook farm meat animation
I cannot even begin to comprehend how you would animate meat.

women are supposed to be very calm generally
Says who???

house smells gym socks
Perhaps it's time to get those teenage sons in on helping you with the laundry?

sheep design costume
As I previously stated, I'm not a costume seamstress. But I think I can help with this one - would white shirts with glued on cotton balls work?

sunnybrook farms cottage cheese
Yes, please, I'd love some. Is that a brand name for a real dairy farm, or are you making suggestions for other career paths I ought to try out? I don't think my neighbors would appreciate cows in my yard - can you imagine the smells?

strange smell in my brand new home
I feel for you, I've been there. I suggest you take my advice to not add to the problem by opening a dairy farm in your yard, no matter how much people beg you to help meet their cottage cheese cravings.


PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! So you've become an expert on strange smells, farm animals, and costume designing. Who knew you were so talented?! ;-)

Jen said...

Can't help with the others, but Denny is generally short for Dennis.

P.S. Denny Crane.

Rebekah said...

Of course, Jen, why didn't I think of that? Well, it may have had something to do with the fact that when they asked me this, we were driving by a Denny's restaurant in rush hour traffic :)

CherryTreeLane said...

ooooooohhhh. I LOVE your blog and am so excited to have it! YEAH!!!

How do I find the google searches?

Joanne said...

Tooooo funny!!