Wednesday, March 11, 2009

be still my heart

I really love to cook, and I love serious appliances that help me do it better. I have come to the realization that my 15 year old food processor is just not very helpful. Its inexpensive plastic components are cracking, and it sparks sometimes when I push the button. So I've been shopping for a new one, only to be dismayed at how much a good one is going to cost me.

And then I found this...

Suddenly the cost pales in comparison to the beautiful blueness
that is this 13-cup 700 watt appliance.

I still haven't ruled out Cuisinart... anyone have a Kitchenaid or a Cuisinart and have an opinion? Please, do share in a comment!


Joanne said...

Well, it is an absolutely gorgeous color and looks like it will fit nicely in your kitchen. Both the companies are known for good appliances. I don't have a processor from either, so I cannot help you in that regard.

Hana said...

I love this! My fave color too! I don't have a processor so I'll have to check this one out just for the awesome color! Thanks for sharing!