Friday, April 3, 2009

Fingerprint Friday { unconditional love }

Our little mini-schnauzer definitely loves my girls. They have done all sorts of things with her that I was sure would send her hiding, yet she just sits with them patiently (most of the time!) I think she is happy to have little girls who love her enough to deck her out in play jewelry when they're donning the plastic beads as well.

God knew what He was doing
when He created this little dog!

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:
I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of God
And I know its true
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the fingerprints of God

So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them? Here's how to join in:

1. Blog with your interpretation of God's fingerprints.

2. Be sure to link so others can find the entire list of participants! Go over to PamperingBeki's blog to add your link to the list of participants.


nic said...

what a sweet, good-natured gal. she's pretty stylish, too, eh?

faithful companions are a blessing indeed.

Beadin By The Sea said...

How sweet and what a great photo. Girls just love to play dress up and so much more fun when it's a dog!

littlebird said...

i know exactly what you mean!
i have no doubt our 4 legged friends were hand crafted by Him : )

artsyclay said...

The picture made me giggle. How adorable!!! They must have a lot of fun together. ~*~

Anna said...

I remember those sunglasses!!! I love how He made animals to have facial funny :-) Love you!

Anonymous said...

There really isn't anything quite like the unconditional love of a dog. Bless those girls of yours for making me laugh today :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture! I am in awe how patient and loving animals are with kids. Our cat has adjusted well to our son who is almost 7 months old.

PamperingBeki said...

Ohhh what a sweet picture!

I've been trying to get a picture of our puppy in sunglasses and she just won't leave them on.

Aren't dogs great when they become a part of the family?