Saturday, May 16, 2009

another before & after for this week

Skye came to us in February, and since her fine white coat was quite short when we first got her, and it was cold (or cool) until just the last couple of weeks, I hadn't seen a need for a haircut.

Besides, we all thought she looked adorable as her curls grew out!

But then during our vacation last month, she went to a very nice pet boarding facility. While she did have lots of fun with the staff, they didn't brush her like I usually did, and her coat became irreparably matted by the time we came home.

Then the warm weather crept up.

And if that wasn't enough, Chad loves taking nature walks in the spring, and I'm happy he takes the dog along... but she came home from one such walk last week with so many burrs and sticks in her coat I couldn't even count. That was the last straw. I took her to the groomer that day.

This before & after post was my girls' idea - thanks, girls, for your inspiration :)


RebekahD said...

Hi, I found you from the Fingerprint Friday participant list. I love your blog and etsy shop. Nice job.

Anna said...

She doesn't look the same at all!!! It looks like someone took the head from a Westie costume and plopped it on her head :-D

Joanne said...

She looks nice and cool now!