Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Self Portrait Challenge - { before & after }

It is easy to hide our flaws when it comes to this whole online/virtual thing. So this is definitely hard for me to put out here.

But my idea of a before & after diptych for this month's SPC theme challenged me to be honest.

So here is my "before" in the morning - I've gone running, planted some bushes & herbs, fed the kids, and it's barely 9am. My husband took this shot for me, after which he commented that my hair was looking "frosty" at the roots. Nice. We can't usually hide our flaws from those closest to us.

Then the "after" shot about 2 hours later, in front of the same window - after a meeting with a bottle of haircolor, a shower, a hair styling appliance, makeup, jewelry and fresh clothes.

Head over here to SPC to see lots of wonderful diptychs...


Anonymous said...

You are lovely both ways Rebekah. Beautiful shots :)

nic said...

it's official. you're a natural beauty.

great idea for a diptych, btw.

Anonymous said...

Make up or none, you are beautiful inside and out girl:)!