Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A friend passed on this article about antibacterial soaps -
it's very informative, so I'm passing it on here:

Go here to read the article on WebMD

Antibacterial soaps are just like antibiotics -
they do not kill viruses - that means they don't prevent colds, the flu, or stomach bugs!

Did you know they are also harmful to the environment? I did not!

You can still buy soap that is not antibacterial, you just have to read the label - I've found liquid hand soap, dish soap, and cleansing hand wipes (Wet Ones) that are all not antibacterial, all at Walmart - notice in all the products below they don't say "antibacterial" on the label.


And as the article says, it's all in the way you wash your hands, not the product you use - lather up & rub for 20 seconds, paying attention to the areas between your fingers & under your nails, then rinse with hot water.

I'm not a germophobe at all, I just felt this was great information to pass, especially since we all just got over the swine flu scare...


Joanne said...

I am glad that you have passed this info on. :o)

momy4him said...

thanks for the info- that is good to know!!!