Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I need a nap

Today I finally finished two new projects that had been sitting in my mind for a long time.
Yippee - finished!
Whew - I'm tired!!!

This shelf was inspired by another one that was not big enough for what I wanted -
holding most of the girls dolls.

I wanted something with more space, and also, well, less expensive.
The wood, screws & hanging hardware cost me about $9, and the paint was in the garage already.

Yes, I figured out the dimensions, sawed, drilled, nailed, and painted this myself. I will give credit, though, to Nicole & Chad, who took turns holding the boards still at the right angles so I could get the screws in correctly.

After I hung the shelf today, we sorted through all the dolls to put them on display - geez, they had a lot of dolls! Their babydolls and Webkinz are kept elsewhere, so we were only dealing with other random stuffed animals & such... we actually got rid of about 20 more today.

Last week I began cutting and sewing these curtains. I don't particularly enjoy making curtains. They're big, and boring to sew. But I suppose the ease of sewing straight lines keeps me from buying them when I can make them, after all!

I bought this Joel Dewberry damask print (in the curtains) before we even considered moving to this house, and it has taken 10 months since moving in to actually make these. The "pinched" fabric on the cornice came from an adventure on Harry Hines in Dallas with my mom & a friend. The whole cornice was complicated craziness that I made from scratch (bay windows are monsters)... Chad helped me hang it last night, so I went to Starbucks this morning to get a treat him for all of his (very!) hard work.


Angela said...

I absolutely love love love that shelf. Very impressive handiwork! Such a great idea and use of space. And the curtains and cornice are just dreamy!

Joanne said...

The shelf and the curtains are wonderful!

Christina said...

I'm blog-hopping, but I had to stop and say that I love those things! Your curtains are beautiful, and so is that room!