Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Self Portrait Challenge - { childhood }

Things have changed a lot since kindergarten.

I definitely have better taste in sweaters.

A closer look at the sweater:

faux short-sleeves with red longsleeves

faux keyhole neckline that ties closed with a bow

red turtleneck that sticks up behind the faux neckline

I actually had a boy who sat next to me ask if I was wearing it inside out (figures - what do kindergarten boys know about fashion???) And besides, if it really was inside out, it would have been disturbing to look at with all the faux's going on under there!!

August's theme for Self Portrait Challenge is "Childhood".
I think we're going to have fun with this one!


number17cherrytreelane said...

I love this.

The Fru-Gals said...

I'm going to have to find a photo of me from kindergarten and totally steal your idea. Great photo, spectacular idea for the shot.


Joanne said...

I love that photo! The sweater was in style then. :)