Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the bells

I just have a few moments to write a post, life has been crazy here! I have a pile of pictures to edit and share from New York, but haven't had the time to sit here to do it. I have new designs I want to put in my etsy shop for Christmas, hopefully soon!

One of the things keeping me busy is the rehearsals for our church's Christmas program - an adaptation of The Christmas Carol. I'm a dancing townsperson in Christmas Past. Oh, and just last week, our group of dancers was told we also get to play another part later in the production with these:

We got all excited - another part, yippee!
Playing with the music for "The Carol of the Bells" for the Christmas Future scene!

Then they told us the church rented these bells, and due to the rarity of the set, they were flown in from Pennsylvania. When they started telling us how much it would be to replace each bell... yikes! By the time we started practicing with them, we were treating them like glass!

"My" bell is huge (the bell is 7" tall without the handle), it's like the one on the right in the above picture, and it is so heavy, my arm was sore the first night. But, oh, it is so fun.


Audra said...

I've always wanted to play bells! We used to go hear some family friends play in concerts at their church and we loved it!

Deborah said...

Handbells! I miss playing them this year. I was so busy I dropped after many years in the choir, but will have to pick them up again next year. They are fun to play.

Joanne said...

I can hardly wait to see the program!