Friday, February 5, 2010

don't believe them

If anyone ever tells you that you should try a beta fish because it's is a cheap and easy pet to care for, run the other way.

beta in a measuring bowl

Why is this beta fish in a measuring bowl, you ask?

Good question.

Easy answer. Chad dropped the fishbowl while cleaning it last night.

Right after he had refilled it to the top with clean water. And yes, the fish was in the water.

So he grabbed for the fish to rescue it, sliced his knuckle on the broken bowl, and ended up with four stitches and prescription pain meds at 11pm.

That left me at home, with the mess. Do you know how hard it is to clean up a gallon of water as it pours all over the counter and onto the floor, when it's mixed with gravel and shards of glass, and the counter is still covered with dinner dishes?

So after the copays for the ER and the meds, I now have to go buy the darn thing a new bowl and gravel... this fish is no longer a cheap pet, let me tell you.

But the fish is ok. And Chad will be fine.

Thank goodness.


Audra said...

My husband kept two secondhand water frogs in my upturned cake dome for a couple of years before I finally bought a $5 fish bowl for them. Could never use that cake dome again! Hope Chad heals quickly and three cheers for you on cleaning up such a mess!

Joanne said...

What a mess! I can only imagine.
Glad all are OK.