Thursday, February 11, 2010

***** we love snow *****

the handy tongue snow catcher



We are so excited!

Last winter we didn't have any snow at all, it was sorely disappointing. But we've had 4 snowfalls this winter and today's was so much fun... we traipsed all over, built snowmen, threw snowballs, and of course we had to taste test. And it's still snowing!

a snow angel

and finally, for Self Portrait Challenge's "Pet Peeves" theme, this week I give you...

The Red Nose.

spc pet peeves 2

There's no such thing as a nose warmer (and if there was, it certainly would look ridiculous and impractical), while scarves and ski masks just don't cut it.

And not going out in the snow to stay warm? Not even an option!


Hana said...

We love snow too!! I just wish the kids didn't miss so much school every time it snowed! Crazy! But it sure is a blast...have fun!

Tales From the Land of Motherhood said...

I think I would love the snow more if I did not have to go out in it and muck the stalls, drive a mile out a dirt/mud/slush road to the highway and no we don't have 4 wheel drive. However I do love the "clean" feel it gives when you look out and all you can see for miles is a white! Love that!

Great Pictures, I agree a nose warmer would be nice!!


Joanne said...

I love snow too! I went out and walked around in it this morning. I love the quietness of it and the brightness inside.