Tuesday, February 23, 2010

worked up about something?

Two days ago, my girls were fighting. More like, one girl was screaming, and the other was being stubbornly quiet and aloof.

I stepped in as Referee since Screamer would not stop, she was so worked up and upset, her volatile mood suggesting physical retribution would soon follow if things didn't change.

Me, to Aloof: Did you do what she is accusing you of?

Aloof: No. (with shoulder shrugs and hair tosses included for emphasis)

Screamer interjects: She DID!

Me, to Screamer: I'm taking care of it, please be quiet.

Screamer: But she DID!

Me, to Screamer: OK, I'm talking to her about it, you need to let me take care of it.

Me, to Aloof: So, did you do this? If not, what's your side of the story?

Aloof: No, I didn't. (then tightly seals lips as if there's nothing left to say)

Screamer has now calmed down to being more of a Loud Whiner...: Yes she DIIIIDDDD...

Aloof: No I didn't, harrumph.

Loud Whiner: Yes you DIIIDDDD...

Me, to Loud Whiner: Stop! I heard you the first time, I know there is a problem, and I'm here taking care of it! You need to stop whining and be quiet - let me take care of it!

This was one of those profound moments when God says "Ahem!" in my head, and I hear His heart through the words I've just spoken to my child.

I've had those times when I'm so frustrated, so upset, so wrapped up in a problem - so I do the right thing by taking it to God, but then even after giving it to Him, I keep going. Every time I talk to God about it again, I get worked up and upset again. And if I talk to someone else, I know I sound whiney, even though I don't want to, really, it's just such an issue, you know.

And He's sitting there waiting.

Waiting for me to give it up entirely.

And even though I know He's the most perfectly patient Father, He's gently saying:

You know, I heard you the first time, my child. I know there is a problem, and I AM here taking care of it. Will you stop whining... and let me take care of it?


Hana said...

So true. Why do we always lay our burdens down at the cross only to come right back and pick them up again? We're impatient and too stubborn to wait on God to do His work in our lives. For some reason we seem to think we can do it better and faster. Boy do we have a lot to learn. Thanks for the post. I've had these "aha" moments too!


Sarah LeighAnn said...

Wow, do I need reminded of that a lot! Thank the Lord that He is so patient with us! :)

Martha said...

Just beautiful...beautiful!!! indeed I needed to read that tonight and a good reminder...thank you!

Joanne said...

How true! Thanks for that.