Sunday, March 7, 2010

:: rainy day shopping ::

We are in San Antonio for our family vacation, and I'll have pictures & stories to share when we get home! However, today it rained. Bleck. And what is there to do when it rains on vacation? Go shopping!

This may surprise some of you, but I really don't go shopping much. I guess it's partly due to being pretty busy, and partly because it keeps me from spending a lot of money! Therefore, I am rarely ever at a mall, much less a department store. So today, I enjoyed some time wandering around Macy's with Nicole.

Aren't these fun and colorful mixing bowls?

They're from the Martha Stewart Collection, and the price is very reasonable, plus, in the brick & mortar stores, we found you can buy individual bowls. The best part? They're melamine! No more worrying about a broken bowl when you cook with your kiddos, or when teaching them to clean up the mess after the fun.

Here's what I bought today:

I'm really excited to get it home and try it out with some fresh fruit or cooked pasta!

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