Saturday, April 17, 2010

who knew cake could be so much fun?

Could you use a laugh? Every day?? I've found a site that gives me just that -

Cake Wrecks!

If you haven't visited this site before, let me tell you... it is a side-busting, tears-of-laughter-inducing blog showcasing an alarmingly high number of poorly or mistakenly decorated cakes.

I never would have thought there would be so many bad cakes out there for blogging material to begin with, but now I found myself compelled to look for them when I'm at the store, as do many of Cake Wrecks readers.

While we were in San Antonio last month, I found one which I sent in to Cake Wrecks' husband and wife writer team. Imagine my continued laughter when I found they had used it in a post this week!

Here's my find, which I hesitate to even mention the place it was found:

You can click here to read Cake Wreck's post that includes this cookie cake, and makes all of us wonder (again!) about the general public's ability to spell the English language...

4/21 update: I just have to add to the obviously misspelled flaw here, while shaking my head incredulously: lowercase "i" in the otherwise all-caps "DiPLOMA"???

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angela said...

That's funny! I'll be keeping an eye out for bad cakes!