Thursday, May 6, 2010

a rebus story

Yesterday, we took

to the

for a regular check-up.

Their office is currently

for renovations, so when we were leaving, a

construction worker said to me, "You have a

As I stood there staring at it woefully, thinking "UGH, I have to

in the hot

with two kids and a dog in the car,

the friendly worker says to me, "Don't worry, I have a

and we'll fill it up for you."

He ran back inside, brought it out, and filled up my tire right on the spot!

When he did, we found it had a

so the leak was a slow one.

I drove straight to the

and it was fixed right away.

I am blown away on how God took care of me with this situation.

If this had happened at, say, the post office or the library, I would not have had a friendly team of construction guys there to help me with a ready air compressor!

With Chad out of town right now, I couldn't have called him!

And my afternoon was free, so the trip to the tire store wasn't a huge imposition (I didn't like it, but who would?)

I am so very thankful! Very!!


angela said...

love the rebus story...and always loving God's sovereignty...even in the small things.

Anna said...

Yippy skippy!!! That's awesome when that kind of stuff happens :-)

Joanne said...

Ohhhh, I know this story very well.
:) I am thankful, there were people there to help you too!