Saturday, June 26, 2010

road reading

On the road to Nevada... so far the trip has been lovely, and relatively uneventful in a good kind of way.

Yesterday morning during my first turn of sitting/not driving, I finished off reading The Shack. When everyone else was reading this last year, I wasn't sure I wanted to. But I picked it up a few days ago and got sucked in.

Now I know my thoughts toward God will never be the same. Even some of my thoughts and ways toward my husband and children will never be the same. I had not thought it possible for a work of fiction to have this affect on me. And much of the content was in classes I've attended at our church previously, which were greatly beneficial to me, but reading it in fictional form where you can relate to the characters really gave it that extra punch to drive it home in my heart.

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Joanne said...

Wow! One book done, already?? I should know better, with how quickly you read. :)