Wednesday, August 4, 2010

:: blueberry scones ::

blueberry scones

If you have lots of seasonal blueberries right now, this is a yummy recipe to make! I love the molasses in the base, adds a richness to the dough. I think it is a great base dough to use with other varieties - I'm going to try pecan next, I think.

You'll notice I didn't bother with the whole rolling-out-the-dough-then-cutting-and-rolling-more-then-cutting-more which takes sooooo long... I just patted it into my stoneware deep dish baker (lined with parchment paper), cut it into eighths, then baked for 15 minutes. A 9 or 10 inch pie or cake pan would work too.

I also added a confectioner sugar/milk glaze just because I like glazes - yum!

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