Wednesday, September 14, 2011

love this book!

I picked up Found, Free & Flea by Tereasa Surratt two weeks ago at the library from the "new" shelf, and have been delightedly thumbing through it ever since.


The author's husband spent his summers at a small family camp that became available for sale, so they purchased and renovated it. In the process, they uncovered decades of old things, full of character and interest. She began using those items to create collections from flea markets, yard sales, and other inexpensive venues. The collections became the gear and decor for the entire camp!

I especially appreciated the way the author encourages finding useful things, not just decorative things. There are so many wonderful, useful, well-made treasures just waiting to be found and given a second life - the best kind of recycling!


This book is gorgeous and creative, and most importantly, full of fantastic finds! I have found tons of great ideas and inspiration within these pages. Now I'm itching to head to the flea market again...

"Have nothing in your houses
that you do not know to be useful
or believe to be beautiful."

-- quote by William Morris in Found, Free & Flea

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