Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Self Portrait Challenge { October - Fears }

When I entered 5th grade, it was my 5th school change since kindergarten began. I was alone in a sea of kids I didn't know... again.

My teachers were kind, understanding even... I still panicked that their cursive methods didn't match what I'd learned, and I hadn't even started learning the math they were already into.

I was overwhelmed, and the tears came.

This is how I earned a new nickname for the rest of the schoolyear - Crybaby.

The kids who I had hoped to befriend turned on me in a moment... such acute pain.

I realize now that from that time on, I tried very hard to not be caught seen crying unless I was around someone safe, and even then, only when it would be considered acceptable.

Now I know, though, that being moved to tears is part of how God made me. It's alright. I'm alright. And I'm not afraid for you to see me cry anymore.


for Self Portrait Challenge's October theme - Fears

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