Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Grey Dresser

I just finished a dresser for my booth that I wanted to share. Some pieces are easy, get finished quickly, and I move on. Some pieces are a labor of love, sweat & tears, and this was one of those!

It looks so unassuming, right?

One of the drawers was missing, so I replaced the top slot with a board to create a shelf, which now holds a basket.

I moved the drawer rail from the top slot to the bottom slot (which was missing the rail), so the drawer down there had support.

The drawer pulls were ugly brass, so I primed & spray painted them an ivory color.

Then the painting of the dresser itself. I tried making my own chalk paint. Wow. Crazy. This is not as easy as Pinterest makes it seem, hahaha! I had to sand the first coat I tried completely off, resand the whole dresser, add primer, and then paint it again. Heavy sanding was required between coats. And that paint is gloppy. Good gracious - I am not sure if I will do this again or not! Maybe the Texas heat was getting to me, but I have no idea why people love this stuff so much.

And finally, some heavy distressing to make it fun...

I am happy with the final product, it is exactly how I envisioned it! It just took soooo much work to get there!

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Joanne said...

Wow! Your finished project is beautiful. I had problems with the paint and the sun and heat too. remember? I also sort of gave up. Glad you stuck to it. :)