Monday, July 23, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Air

Wind, like all elements in this month's challenge, can be our friend or foe.

I choose to see the friendly side, because here in the hot south, a breeze is a cherished commodity in the midst of an oppressive summer.

Today we took the girls to the local planetarium to see their first starry show. It is hot & humid today, but I rolled down the window anyway to enjoy the breeze & to take this photo.

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Jeremy Stockwell said...

Love that this is a bit out of focus. This has a great 1950's feel to it -- really cool!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

very cool angle. It took me a second to realize how you had taken it. very creative!

Kim Carney said...

that is really lovely!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

I noticed this morning that your picture was chosen in the "picks" for this week. congrats!