Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Makes This Special?

I was just reading a newsletter from one of my favorite online fabric shops, and she mentioned that it's the people that make quilting special, and this is why we love designer fabric collections. Why else would we be so excited about dye printing on simple cotton cloth? Because we like the idea that behind that cloth is a face and an artistic mind.

I'd like to extend that sentiment to the boutique designers and buyers that I work with.

I enjoy meeting and working with my buyers. It is fun for me to make clothing for one special little girl, knowing that she and her mommy (at least) will appreciate and enjoy the design they receive from me. This is why I have a Customer Gallery on my eBay Me page, because I love to see the girls whose beauty shines through my designs.

I also hope that buyers feel the same way - that they like buying something that has a face and an artistic mind behind what they are receiving, as opposed to a mass-manufactured garment that has been through countless hands of which you will never know the name of even one.

This really extends to all indie artisan businesses:

It is the people that make it special!

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