Monday, August 27, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Patterns 4

Patterns From My History pt.4

This blanket was mine as a little girl. I love the pastel colors, and all the tiny squares of different vintage fabrics, especially the ones that have tiny Asian girls among flowers (top R. corner, 4th square in; top L. corner, 2nd square down) I am unsure of what past-generation relative made this, but it is indeed a family treasure.

I have a memory of sitting on it in my backyard during summer break, having a tea party with some stuffed animals while I shooed flies away & the sun warmed my head.

Time has flown by on gossamer wings, and now I am here on the same blanket in my own backyard with my daughter, laughing together on another hot summer day.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


As alluded to before, here is a sneak preview of my costume!
Be sure to check my eBay listings tomorrow to see the whole thing!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Costume Time

Today we visited my mom, who has an abundance of sheep dolls in her possession, relating directly to her passion for yarn & knitting. We needed these sheep as props... can you guess who for?

Let me say that this profussion of ruffles was not made by me, but by my good friend Debbie of bridgetandco. She and I are participating in a costume launch next week, which you'll be able to find by searching Boutique Encore. I'll have pictures to share of mine later, but here's a hint: the original Spidergirl!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Oh my!
I am so excited to list with this fabulous launch
as well as with my new design group,

Click the photo below to see my listing.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

for the love of citrus

I went to the pool with my girls today, and I found myself watching them play while I peeled and ate a chilled clementine. A few days ago, I was delighted to find these sweet & juicy gems has returned by the boxful at my local warehouse club, and I promptly snatched up a case. We will eat every single one, I assure you. I don't really care for regular oranges, mind you, but these little beauties are everything you wish an orange would be - sweet, extra juicy, easy to peel, and the pith doesn't leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

I have had a long love for citrus flavors - my favorite drink to order at a restaurant as a child was orange soda - does anyone else remember Orange Sprite?? Sigh... I'm not a big fan of regular iced tea, but give me a plate full of lemon wedges to squeeze in there, and I'm happy! I also love my Lemon Zinger tea in the winter, and my favorite part about the State Fair or Six Flags is the Soft Frozen Lemonade!!

And my favorite of all is the often mis-understood lime. It is, of course, my favorite color, which gives it an extra edge on its citrus cousins. It's flavor is more complex than a lemon, which is why I like to request lime wedges for my water at restaurants (plus, then I do not end up with lemon seeds stuck in my straw). I absolutely love key lime pie and cheesecake. And right now in my shower, I have the most wonderful shower gel from Bath & Body Works - Coconut Lime Verbena.

Now, combine citrus with chocolate, and the pleasure is surely more than I can describe...

Self Portrait Challenge - Patterns 3

Patterns From My History - part 3

This dress is a picture story about my mom. My mom knits, and has since birth as far as I know. If someone is having a birthday or a baby or just cold feet, she will knit up something to give them. She likes using color, writes her own patterns, and is always making something new & slightly experimental.

She made this dress for herself in the 70's, although I'm pretty sure she didn't wear it with high heeled boots. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mom... maybe send a picture as proof! We have seen many pictures of Mom & Dad in all their 70's glory - shaggy hair, orange & gold furniture, afghan ponchos (made by Mom, of course), and me, born in '77.

I borrowed this dress three years ago for a costume party, and it's still hanging in my closet. Subconciously, I haven't wanted to give it back, because it is a sort of reminder of my mom from when I was a little girl, as well as her use of her skill to always make things the way she wanted them.

Mom, if you want the dress, you'll have to find it first :)

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Designer Sale!

One of my favorite sites for designer clothing is having a three day sale! Save an extra 10% off at Bluefly on a huge selection of awesome stuff! Designer jeans, shoes, sweaters, handbags, you name it!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Patterns #2

Patterns From My History

This Bates bedspread belonged to my mother's mother's mother.

Having gone through the Depression, people of her generation subscribed to one of two philosophies:

1. You are blessed to have nice things, so use them and enjoy them every day

2. Nice things are precious & easily lost, so put them away to use another day

Great-Grandmother Sabean fell into the latter mindset.

When I received this vintage crewel bedspread after her passing a few years ago, I was in awe to discover that, despite the original box's beaten up appearance, the spread itself was in pristine condition. Not a fringe was distorted. This didn't surprise me, however. Great-Grandma must have loved it, to have kept it put away & in such excellent shape.

Isn't it lovely? The top is just as beautiful as the sides, with an ornate circular folkish floral pattern. I made up my mind to enjoy this thing of beauty, and the memory of my mother's family's journey, at the same time - I use this spread on my bed and even though it's not in the same perfect condition anymore, I still smile when I look at it after making my bed in the morning.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!

I have three new listings for the Byrds' new launch today.
It was Jen's turn to be the Bossy Byrd,
and she told us to"Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!"

Chai Birdie Skirt Set

Chai Flower Pant Set

Raspberry Mocha

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - Patterns

Patterns From My History

My parents love baseball, especially their home-state New York teams, the Yankees & the Mets. I have great memories of attending live Major League games and watching games on TV. I also ended up playing a couple of inept & clumsy seasons of softball as a young girl. Despite my awkwardness with the game, my parents were very good to me, insisting that it was my team spirit, and the fact that I kept trying, that are the True Spirit of the Game.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Cocoa Rose

Two new listings from me today:

First, if you loved "Blush", then I've just listed
Also, a semi-custom version
Click here for "Blush"

Also, a new semi-custom beauty:
Click here for "Cocoa Rose"