Monday, January 14, 2008

Let There Be Light

All that a man does outwardly is but the expression and completion of his inward thought...
- William E. Channing

I get such a sense of satisfaction from completing a project that I have pictured in my mind for a long time, knowing it would bring new beauty in my surroundings. Such it has been with this chandelier, which I found at a flea market (click for before picture!) It has replaced a boring brass piece that I will not miss one little bit.

Rewiring, lots of paint, a "sleeve" for the hanging chain, and helpful wiring/hanging job by my helpful husband finally culminated in this moment yesterday evening:


Megan said...

*gasp* I am so jealous! I love it! I have an old chandlier that is just wanting to be redone but I don't have a place for it right now. Someday though! I'm not letting hubby throw it out!

your space turned out simple lovely.

Erin said...

Love it! What a great find!