Monday, March 17, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge - Political {Green}

Green is my favorite color, which is why my sister gave me this shirt. It was originally for St. Patrick's Day, but I wear it all year long...

Green is also a way of life.
I believe my small choices add up...

use a tote for small shopping trips

use a water filter instead of bottled water

take my own lidded cup to the coffee house (for my tea, of course)

buy organic as much as my budget will allow

open the curtains, turn the lights off

use CFL & halogen bulbs where I can

buy vintage - the ultimate recycling

invested in energy saving appliances when I had to buy new ones

spoke up at city council in favor of recycling (and it passed, not just because of me, of course, but it was a collection of voices that made the difference)

of course, that means I now use my city's recycling program to its fullest extent

collect the runoff water from when the shower is warming up in a bucket, to water plants in the summer

use local, indigenous plants & rocks for landscaping

compost my eggshells and veggie/fruit scraps for my garden

Now I want to know what some of your small choices are. How are you making a difference through small choices? Here's a little kiss for you... small choices make a big difference.

{reuse} {recycle} {repurpose}
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annie said...

Cute photo! Reading your "green" list was like reading my own. My additions would be rain barrels, non-toxic cleaning products and reducing junk mail (reduces waste and temptation!).

kristen said...

fantastic! i love your list and it makes being green so much more accessible when it's spelled out. it also made me realize i'm more 'green' than i thought.

such a cute photo.

Rebekah said...

Annie, I'd love to use a rain barrel - now if we could just get some rain around here :) Your comment about reducing junk mail reminded me that I get eBills instead of paper.

LLD said...

Great list - and nice message!
I love the idea of using shower run off for watering plants/flowers.

Another thing I do, that I didn't see on your list is unplug appliances etc. when not in use.