Friday, June 27, 2008

chocolate what??

I took a break from packing to run out to get packing tape. Funny how you run out of supplies when you've gotten into a groove...

Why does WalMart have to put the candy in the same aisle as the packing supplies? My kids were all over the place with excitement at an entire aisle of candy (and they hadn't even had any sugar yet).

I agreed to buy a treat, as they had really been very good all morning. So look what I found:

That's right, Chocolate Skittles.

Perhaps you've seen these, so you're not surprised. However, I normally avoid even looking at the candy aisles and racks at the checkout, the temptation is just too great. But since I had agreed to get a treat, I thought I might as well make it something newly interesting. Here's my review:

- The Vanilla tastes just like Jello Instant Vanilla Pudding.
- The Chocolate Caramel & Smores don't really taste like their namesakes, they were kind of odd - more like Jelly Belly Jellybean flavors
- The Chocolate Pudding and the Brownie Batter look & taste about the same as each other - there's not much color or flavor difference. They do taste like chocolate.

Overall, I'd say you get what you asked for when you buy these - they are chocolate-flavored candies. If you're wanting chocolate but don't want the fat, this might be a good choice. But if you want the satisfaction of chocolate, get some M&M's.


Megan said...

What? That is so unusual! I have never seen these. I still stand by the very unhealthy M&Ms! Lol!

Hope the move is going well, very exciting!

Erin said...

hmmm, I haven't see these yet and I think I will stick with real chocolate candies! Thanks for the review!

Debbie said...

So, you will be sending a package of these when you send my Kona cotton and elastic, right????