Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Self Portrait Challenge - Skill {painting}

This month's Self Portrait Challenge theme is "Skill". Whenever people speak longingly of how they wish they could sew like I do, I tell them I completely understand. I've wished since I was in grade school that my art skills were better than, well, a grade schooler. My drawings are laughable, my attempts at painting aren't even worthy of the title "abstract".

But give me a piece of furniture or a wall, and I will give it a topical makeover - that's the kind of painting I am good at!

And if moving last week from our home of 9 years to a small apartment wasn't enough, I decided to take on the project of painting my china cabinet. Since it was empty, it seemed like the perfect time (except for all the packing and stuff I was supposed to be doing...)

Here it is before it was emptied:

And here is the finished project:

The beautiful glass knobs and floral appliques came from
The Bella Cottage over on eBay. She was very helpful in getting them shipped out to me before we moved - Thanks a bunch, Michelle!


While I was unpacking last Thursday, the girls ended up spending the whole morning creating with markers, paint, beads, pompoms, pipe cleaners, glitter - basically they unloaded the entire craft cabinet to hone their artwork skills.


m. heart said...

wow, what a difference a coat of paint can make! this looks so pretty!

Turtleheart said...

Oh, it's lovely! What an amazing make-over. I love cottage-style decor, and your china cabinet definitely has that look about it now! I think I covet your china collection, too. :)

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog for SPC.

Anonymous said...

I love how you captured your girls here! They look so content and focused on their creations its sweet.

Nice cabinet!

~ANG said...

What an incredible transformation! I absolutely love it! It's nice to know that other people aren't afraid to paint wooden furniture. I'm not afraid to paint stuff...but it is frowned upon in the family, especially when I think about painting some "old" furniture. Now that I've seen the fresh new life given to your china cabinet, maybe I'll be brave enough to jump right in!

Erin said...

That cabinet is amazing!!! It's absolutely beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying your new home!

The Asquad said...

love the 'new' cabinet. i'm in the middle of audra's room, and am anxious to move on out into the living room, kitchen, laundry room, loft (as they are all open to each other) with a cool mint or pale blue. i love how a coat of paint can change a person's emotions, attitude, etc.......


Anonymous said...

the new cabinet looks really lovely!

Rachel said...

It looks very beachy and serene.

Nic said...

ooh, now those are some mad painting skillz! seriously, the cabinet looks dreamy. good eye for potential.

Erin said...

I remember when we use to follow the directions out of the Ed Emberly books from the library. To this day, I can't draw any better than that. Thank goodness I was teaching kindergarten. lol.