Monday, September 8, 2008

help me lighten the load!

The Big Move is coming soon - in about 30 days!

Our New Place is getting close to being finished, and I'm already looking at the packing and moving with a mixture of excitement and dread (ugh, packing!)

So to help lighten the load, I have taken 20% or more off of a bunch of ready-made items in my Etsy shop - all sale items are under $50! If you have been eyeing something up, please consider helping me out and take it off my hands.

I'll even throw in free US shipping for blog readers! Mention it in the "note to seller" box, and I'll either send you a new invoice or refund your shipping.


Jen said...

Good gravy! That house went up fast!

Cris said...

Yes... it is a fire pit! And how can you build a house so fast? :-) We've been building for a year now... constructions here take longer, they are all bricks...