Wednesday, December 10, 2008

easy peasy

Jen has tagged me for a very simple meme, so I am happily obliging.
No long lists to conjure up, no attempts at humor, no digging into my past for things that will surprise you.

Just go to your 6th photo folder on your computer (or external hard drive, or memory card - pick one!), post the 6th photo, and hope you can remember the details to share them. Then tag 5 others.

This is from our field trip to the local apple orchard in September '07. It was about 90°, we were sweaty and tired by the time we got to the part where we each got to pick our own apple, and my girls really did not want to smile for the camera with apple in hand. This is what I got instead.

I'm tagging Mom, Megan, Becca, Beki & Nic, if they are so inclined. If not, I will still visit their blogs on a regular basis because I love them anyway :)


Joanne said...

Great picture. I have done the meme and tagged several bloggers.
Take a look and see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite Rebekah :) I have done my meme. This is such a cute photo of your daughter. She looks like she was waiting for that apple all day!